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Goole Gymnastics Club
Goole Gymnastics Club
The Rules for the conduct of

Goole Gymnastics Club

1 The name of the organisation will be ‘Goole Gymnastics Club’.

2 Goole Gymnastics Club will be a ‘not for profit’ group.

3 Goole Gymnastics Club will exist for the promotion and development of gymnastics in the Goole area.

4 The club will be managed by a steering group of coaches and interested members.

5 The steering group will meet regularly, at least three times per year.

6 The meetings will be chaired by the senior coach.

7 The officers of the club will be elected from the steering group and shall be a secretary and treasurer.

8 There will be a strict policy of equal opportunities within the club. Selection for teams and squads will be on ability.

9 The club will provide training facilities, coaches and equipment for the gymnasts.

10 The club will operate an ‘open door’ policy for general classes.

11 Session fees will be levied and reviewed from time to time as necessary.

12 British Gymnastics policies will be operative within Goole Gymnastics Club for the safety and welfare of the gymnasts.

13 All gymnasts will need associate membership of British Gymnastics for insurance purposes and in order to access the benefits provided by British Gymnastics.

14 The normal rules of behaviour (as outlined by the Federation of Yorkshire Sport and British Gymnastics) will apply to all members of the club.

15 In the event of the club closing, all assets remaining after creditors have been satisfied will be disposed of for the benefit of gymnastics in the Yorkshire region.

These modified rules supersede all previous rules

And are adopted with effect from 1st September 2020


P. Brooke

Senior Club Coach.

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