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Goole Gymnastics Club
Goole Gymnastics Club
General Class Competition

Sunday 27th June 2010
Badge 8
Under 7's
Ciara-Mae Vardy9.29.18.426.71
Jessica Kelvington9.297.8262
Over 7's
Emily Kilvington9.59.18.627.21
Badge 7
Under 7's
Reanna Tomlinson9.38.78.426.41
Alesha Tomlinson99.37.826.13
Beth Ginty9.39.4826.72
Rhianne Ayrton8.99.27.625.74
Lakeisha Shaw8.78.67.624.96
Georgina Wales9.18.77.825.65
Badge 6
Under 7's
Daisy Purchase99.18.226.32
Iona Walker0000
Emily Fox9.29.38.827.31
Over 7's
Hannah Dredge9.39.58.727.51
Badge 5
Under 7's
Millie Purchase9.89.18.727.61
Lexi Pritchard998.226.22
Over 7's
Trinity Martin8.
Badge 2
Over 7's
Katie Hamilton-Cooke9.39.5927.81
Badge 1
Over 7's
Kara Capell9.29.5927.71
Under 7's
Oliver Ginty9.19.58.4271
Nathan Ayrton99.3826.32
Alexander Kilvington98.67.725.33
Alexander Wales9.49.37.626.32
Development Squad
Badge 5
Under 7's
Angelina Bryant-Artley9.49.38.627.32
Rebecca Arinkov0000
Hayden Dower9.29.58.827.31
Over 7's
Badge 1
Amber Dearing9.49.68.827.82
Badge 2
Megan Backhouse9.59.68.827.91
Badge 4
Hannah Malton9.69.48.727.73
Badge 5
Olivia Farrer9.29.58.527.24
Badge 4
Rebecca Scutt0000
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